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Most Important Application

Anyone who knows about lawn care will tell you that the right application at the right time is vital to maintaining a beautiful weed-free lawn. Amongst those, the two applications of pre-emergent that take place in the spring are probably the most important applications of the year, and this is why.

Your pre-emergent application sets the foundation for the entire year. It helps control some of the least desirable weeds that double as some of the toughest to kill if they are allowed to germinate. With the right product, you are also getting other vital ingredients that are more than just a weed preventer. You will also get vital nutrients to feed the soil and the grass like nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and  Potash/Potassium (K). With a good pre-emergent application you will also get a post-emergent to kill any existing broad-spectrum weeds, and iron 

Nitrogen (N) is the most important for grass. This is what gives grass its vibrant color and helps the blades to grow straight and strong. If there is not enough nitrogen, the grass will have stunted growth and will not have the deep green color most homeowners crave.

Phosphorus (P) is essential for root growth and early development. Without it, the slightest form of erosion will wash your grass away because its roots were not anchored down with enough strength. Phosphorus also supports the energy transfer in your grass, aiding nitrogen in growth encouragement.

Potash (K) fulfills a number of roles in the well-being of grass. It is required to develop and maintain the strength and structure of the foliage. Potassium also plays a role in sugar formulation, assists root development, and is involved in the transport of metabolites and nutrients within the plant.

Iron (Fe) is important to your grass needs an iron supplement to grow green and strong. Without a reasonable amount of iron in the soil, your lawn becomes more basic in its pH, making it difficult for grass and other plants to take root. A lawn without the proper amount of iron can start to turn yellow and die off.

Post Emergent is necessary If your weeds have already sprouted. These products kill weeds that have already popped out of the ground to invade your turfgrass instead of a pre-emergent that kills them before they emerge through the soil. There are multiple different ones that range in different advantages, disadvantages, and temperature/moisture requirements It is important that  you should always do your research or ask an expert which one is best for your needs. 

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