Family and Community Involvement

“Family is important. So much so that it is at the core of most decisions. My family is the reason I started Tarheel Turf and they motivate me to provide the level of service that we do.

In 2018 I had been in sales for over 18 years. I was on track to make a 6 figure salary in my current job, and I enjoyed the work, but money isn’t always the most important. While at work, one day, I had an epiphany; money comes from trading time for work. I wasn’t just trading my time, I was trading my family’s time with me in it. My two sons, Brooks, who was ten at the time, and my Brecken, my 6-month-old, will only grow up once, and I missed it.

Time with my family was more valuable to me than money, and I did something about it. In light of this, I would like to share some of the family time and time I spent in my community helping out.”

-Patrick Autry, our founder.

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