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What Causes Fungus in my Lawn?

Your lawn is your green oasis, a place for relaxation and enjoyment. But sometimes,
unwelcome guests crash the party – in the form of fungus. These microscopic organisms can
leave unsightly brown patches, turning your once-vibrant lawn into a patchy mess.

So, what exactly turns a lush lawn into a fungal breeding ground? Let’s delve into the main
culprits behind these lawn invaders:

Moisture Mania: Fungi thrive in damp environments. Overwatering, poor drainage, and
excessive shade can create a fungal paradise. Areas with constantly wet leaves or grass blades
become prime targets.

Lack of Sunlight: Sunshine acts as a natural disinfectant, hindering fungal growth. Lawns in
constant shade are more susceptible to fungal attacks.

Thatch Buildup: Thatch is a layer of dead grass clippings, stems, and roots that accumulates
at the base of your grass blades. This thatch layer traps moisture and creates a breeding
ground for fungus.

Improper Nutrition: Lawns lacking essential nutrients become weak and struggle to defend
themselves against fungal threats. A balanced fertilization program can keep your lawn strong
and resistant.

Soil pH Imbalance: Fungi thrive in specific pH ranges. Extremely acidic or alkaline soil can
favor certain fungal species, making your lawn vulnerable. A soil test can help determine the
ideal pH for your lawn and recommend any necessary adjustments.

Mowing Mishaps: Mowing too low can stress your lawn, making it more susceptible to fungal
diseases. Additionally, dull mower blades can tear and damage grass blades, creating entry
points for fungal invaders.

Foot Traffic Frenzy: Constant foot traffic can compact the soil, hindering drainage and creating
a damp environment ideal for fungi. Creating designated walkways or allowing stressed areas to
recover can help mitigate this issue.

Beyond the Basics: Certain factors like sudden temperature changes, excessive use of
herbicides and even pet waste can also contribute to fungal growth on your lawn.

Knowledge is Power:

By understanding the main causes of lawn fungus, you can take proactive steps to prevent
these unwelcome guests. It is FAR cheaper to prevent fungus than to treat it after it has already
caused damage to your lawn. Implementing proper watering schedules, ensuring good
drainage, managing thatch buildup, and maintaining a balanced fertilization program can go a
long way in keeping your lawn healthy and fungus-free.

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