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Prevention vs. Treatment (Fungus)

Ah, the perfect lawn. Lush, green, and weed-free. But lurking beneath that emerald blanket can
be a silent enemy. Fungus can wreak havoc on your lawn, leaving unsightly patches and creating a breeding ground for further problems. The question then becomes: is it better to be proactive and pretreat your lawn with fungicide, or wait and see if disease strikes, potentially facing costly repairs later?

A Case for Pretreatment:

● Prevention is Key: Fungicide acts as a shield, preventing fungal spores from taking root
and causing damage. Early intervention is crucial, as established fungal diseases can be
harder and more expensive to eradicate.
● Healthy Lawn, Happy You: A healthy lawn is more resistant to pests and weeds.
Pretreatment helps maintain a vibrant lawn, boosting your curb appeal and property
● Peace of Mind: Knowing your lawn is protected offers peace of mind. You can enjoy
your outdoor space without worrying about unsightly brown patches.

The Cost of Repair:

●To Fungicide or not to Fungicide…? While fungicide has an upfront cost, repairing
established fungal damage can be significantly more expensive. This can involve fungicide
application at a higher concentration, aeration, reseeding, or even complete lawn
● Time is Money: Repairing a fungally damaged lawn is a time-consuming process.
Waiting for the problem to arise can also impact your enjoyment of your outdoor space.

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